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Wind Storm Vac Complaints
Total Complaints: 224
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4/13/2007 - Kris writes:
I like all others have ordered the Wind Storm and was hoping for a nice vaccum. I guess I was the only one sucked in. I saved the commerical on my DVR and when I call it now they are advertising a fishing rod and was led to several different reps with no answers. I am wanting to report them but would like to have some help. Please someone else let me know where to turn. Thank You Kris

3/29/2007 - Ellise writes:
I was also scammed by this vacuum infomercial. I was charged twice and never received the product. I immediately disputed the charges to my credit card company and sent them all the information I had. The fact that I was charged and the items "were on backorder", the fact that several attempts had been made to their customer service number, the fact that the 800 number eventually lead you to an email address that was never responded to. Through this information the credit card company told me this morning that the merchant had credited my account - that's right the MERCHANT had credited my account and I am now not out the monies stolen from me! I asked how they were contacted, via telephone, letter and if by letter could I have a copy. The credit card company told me they were told over the phone that the credit was applied. If you haven't disputed your charges, dispute them NOW. I'm done with this nasty, filthy, disgusting, despicable ordeal and vow never ever ever ever to purchase anything without first seeing, testing it, finding out every single nuance of the product before plunking down my hard earned money!

3/26/2007 - Rebecca writes:
Before we were married in June 2006, my now-husband and I ordered a buy one get one free wind storm vac, with a free filter system to clean the air. We recieved 4 windstorm vacs and no air filter system--supposedly the system was on back order. We returned the 2 windstorm vacs that we had NOT ordered (paying for shipping and handling both ways, of course), but have not recieved any money back, or the free filter system to this day (March, 2007). What the crap?!!! This company SUCKS!!! And so does their vaccum! I wouldn't pay 2 dollars for one of their cheap, worthless, falling apart vaccums EVER AGAIN!!!!

3/23/2007 - Tina writes:
I ordered a "buy one get one free" on Jan. 7th, 2006. Storm vac charged my account within 2 weeks (including over 30.00 for shipping!!!) To this day I have never received my order. I cannot believe that I am still reading these stories 1 year later. This company should be prosecuted. I have sent numerous emails asking only for the 156.85 that they owe me. They quit responding to my emails. I hope at some point someone files a class action suit and they get what they deserve. How awful to steal hard working citizens money.

3/20/2007 - Karen writes:
I ordered two Windstorm vacs and was overcharged. I ended up having to contact my credit card company to help me fix the problem. Then one of the vacs was defective and I sent it back within 30 days of receiving it. I have not heard anything from the company. I have tried to call but there is no phone number where you can talk to anyone. On the phone number, you are given an email address, but it doesn't work. My email came back to me. I contacted UPS and was told me the defective vac was delivered and signed for by an employee of Windstorm, and UPS gave me the name of the employee, so I know they received it. However, I have not heard one word from the company nor can I contact anyone. The vac that I sent back would not work if it got hot. I could vacuum a room and then have to let it cool off some. My house is only 1200 sq. ft.

3/14/2007 - Patricia writes:
On December 8, 2005, I ordered the buy one get one free Storm Vac
and yet to this day have not seen a Storm vac. Approximately $150.
was deducted from my account and still have not seen one. In Jan.07 I called (800)278-6886 and spoke with customer service and they informed me that the vacs were coming from out West and they have a huge back order. The lady also said that she showed where one was already shipped out to me. I then called again and spoke to another rep. and she too said one was shipped out. The next time I called I got a message saying to send any complaint e-mails to [email protected]. Then on March 14, 2007, I went to the website and the web page is currently down. How convienent. I would just like to have my money refunded. Patricia

3/8/2007 - Lorraine writes:
I have also been screwed by Stormvac! Back in October/November 2005 I saw the advert for this vaccum cleaner, so I phoned up and ordered 1 along with the free steamer. I didn't speak to a rep, it was all automated. Then on November 8, 2005 my credit card was debited $353.70 which was triple the amount. I called the phone number on my credit card statement (a number in CA) and was told that I had ordered 4 vacuum cleaners. I did not want 4 and thought I had only ordered 1, therefore I cancelled the order. I was told at the time I would be refunded the complete amount of $353.70. I then made numerous phone calls to the company in California and was advised several different things, such as the credit would be going through shortly, the system has been down, they will expedite my credit etc etc. I was then told that the office in NY was dealing with my credit, so I contacted the NY office and was advised that the credit would take place the first two weeks in April 2006- SURPRISE SURPRISE NO CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now when I call the NY number you are put in a queue and then after about 10 minutes your call is disconnected. I have written to an address in Texas stating that I will be seeking legal action and received a letter back stating that my refund is being processed - still nothing! I also have several e-mails from Stormvac advising that my refund is being processed. I have contacted a lawyer to see if I have a case to which I was told I did, but I am a bit hesitant of paying out more money, however I would feel more comfortable to join with others to take legal action. I have tried to get a refund through my credit card company and was told that I had left it too long. I am totally shocked that there are companies out there who can screw so many people, but are still advertising and to this day debiting more people's accounts and getting away with it. Surely this is a con and something can be done about it! It has now been 16 months for me also and I do not hold out much hope of getting my money back unless we all join together!

3/4/2007 - Roy writes:
i order the windstorm vac from igia 11/14/05 never received it finaly got throu to cancel the order 4/06 kept getting promices that my refund was being processed and would be sent out within 14 days its been about 16 months now and i still have not gotten my refund i would like to know if any of the others that have posted here would be interested in starting a class action law suit against igia, milinex, windstom, stormvac if so please let me know on here and lets get this started

2/28/2007 - Cherri writes:
same as all above! I purchased by phone, they doubled my credit card, no product, no refund! tryed muliple times to contact company (18)either on hold or busy.

2/26/2007 - Barbie writes:
I fell for the tv ads, got conned into buying TWO vacs, extra filters and extra pieces for the vucumms.they were not so bad for bare floors but of NO use on carpet. I called, was told to return then for a full refund and I did so ...meanwhile my credit card was billed the full amount....I called to get the charge off after I returned the vacs and got no one on the phone but music and hangups,,my bank tried to help but got a scribbled note from the company saying I never returned the vacs! I called the place and now get a girl saying they can only take my name and number and the company will call me when they can.! FURIOUS! I did manage to keep the "free" steam cleaner , tho but never took it out of the box. am afraid it might blow up in my face! cannot get the charges off my card now. ARRRRRGH!.Barbie

2/24/2007 - William writes:
Ordered the vacuum's in Dec. Feb. have not received anything! Have had my credit card billed for 3 units plus shipping! Tried to call the company and the number was changed to a Manhattan psychiatric center. Do not expect to get my money back, but this SCAM should be stopped! I can not believe that the cable and TV stations are still running these Ads. I am going to call my cable company and the local news station and who ever else I can think of that might be able to help!

2/23/2007 - Patty writes:
same as all the other complaints. i ordered the product jan 07 still havent recieved it but my credit card sure was billed quickly enough. going to try to call the credit card company now that ive read all the complaints. no more tv products for me!!!

2/22/2007 - Emily writes:
On Dec. 7,2006 I ordered 2 vacuums. Despite several calls, I still haven't received them. When I called a few weeks ago, I was told they were in stock and they were waiting for FedX to pick them up. When I tried to call last week, I was told to e-mail my request. I did so and never got an answer. I sent another e-mail and the response was they are taking the calls in the order they were received and I should wait 7-10 days for an answer. I just called to have my Credit Card Account credited.

2/21/2007 - Jim writes:
I ordered the wind storm vacuum after seeeing the tv ad. They promised to send 2 for the price of 1 within 4 weeks, or we could pay extra for immediate delivery. We chose to wait, are still waiting and hope we can get rid of the charge and never receive the vacuums after reading the complaints of others.

2/19/2007 - Ellise writes:
I saw the commercial online and decideded to try it. When after 4 weeks the product hadn't arrived I called to get a refund. That was over a month ago and I probably won't see that credit. Now for the really bad news. I decided to call the number on my credit card - 212-369-0500 and got a recording that stated the number had been changed to 646-672-6767. When I called that number it is the Manhattan Psychiatric Department!!! What now? Something like this has never happened to me before but I'm going to fight it to get my money back!

2/16/2007 - Vicky writes:
I ordered this product in nov. and ended up with a $280 credit card charge nad 3 sorry excuses for a vacuum cleaner! I returned ( I would have returned them all had i not thrown away the packaging! They are JUNK! Well needless to say I wasted even more money returning the vacuum (shipping costs) and i have not gotten a refund - once again a problem with the processor! Well now you cant even call them - you can only email them. The phone number tells you who to email your problems too! I am so disgusted!

2/13/2007 - Jan writes:
I ordered the 2 for one Windstorm vacs in Dec. Needless to say, never researched online, which I should have done. Got charged 94.92 in Dec then another 39.95 in January. Called twice at the 800 278 6886 and got someone different each time. Tried to get a tracking number. Was given some story that they hadn't gotten them yet but that the vacuums went out 1/21. It is now 2/13/07 and no vacuums. Then I googled the Windstorm and found all these complaints. I am going to see if my bank can block the next payment they are supposed to do and maybe charge them back. If they can charge to me then my bank surely can debit them back. As one of the complaints said the phone number on your statement is a psych hospital or something and the new number they refer you to from the 800 # is someone that is not with them. So they are referring you to a wrong number. If I get anywhere with my bank, I will get back on here aand let you know. The commercial is still on TV and the website is still up and running.

2/13/2007 - Gretchen writes:
Hello, I'm the same as you all.... ordered 12/5/2006..... $157.00 taken out of my account and no vacuum(s)................live and learn, I guess.....no more infomercials for me....

2/13/2007 - Kathy writes:
I ordered this on 10/29/06. Received it 11/19/06. Called for return info and returned 11/29/06. Less than the 30 day Money-Back guarantee. They received on 12/07/06 at 12:58 pm by Beachbody A. Ramirez. They tell me over and over to call again in 7-10 days due to equipment being replaced. Still no refund. I did file a Billing Distpute with my credit card co. As of today (2/13/07) 1-800 no. does not work.

2/12/2007 - Bob writes:
i ordered the two for one vac on 12/9/2006. i was told tthe same as everyone else, four to six weeks for delivery. my credit card was charged in january 2007. the phone number to contact is a pysch hosiptal in ny. it is now feb no vacs, and no money

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