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Winsor Pilates Complaints
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2/6/2007 - Lisa writes:
I signed up online for the Winsor Pilates program. I had a feeling this was going to be a difficult relationship to break, knowing how infomercials in general, and Guthy Renker, in particular are. After two shipments, I decided that it really wasn't worth all the money it was costing me and decided to end it. Nowhere on the website was any information to cancel. I had to call, even got a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and sent back the latest package last week. Now I'm waiting patiently for my refund (less S&H of course, which I had to pay twice since I had to mail to them insured). At least I know they have received the package, and now am just diligently checking my credit card account watching for the refund. I concur with others who say to just go out and buy a workout DVD in the store, these CLUBS are a sham, as the prices are inflated and they get you for shipping and handling each time!

1/17/2007 - Tina writes:
Along with the pilates tapes I received vitamins that I did not order. They were only a buck so I accepted them. Needless to say that when I signed for the videos I also signed up for vitamins. They were charged to my credit card and it caused an overdraft fee. I called the company on Novemeber 19 and what I thought or what I was led to believe cancelled my membership. Low and behold I have received two shipments of vitamins since and hence 2 overdraft fees. I was told today once again that I have cancelled my shipments. Only time will tell. This is truly a scam, especially to us who monitor our credit card statements. BE WARNED ONCE YOU SIGN UP WHO KNOWS WHAT OTHER CRAPP YOU WILL RECEIVE AND WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT OR A DEBIT ON YOUR CREDIT CARD...

10/3/2006 - Kaylynn writes:
On 9-6-06 I purchased Windsor Pilates from the infomercial on tv. Got one video, the circle and some pills in about 5 days. Three weeks later I had a charge of $50.13 from windsor and a charge or $33.94 for more pills. I had no knowledge or the charges coming so both overdrew my bank account. I was charged a $19.00 fee for the pills overdraft and then $33.00 fee for the vidoes overdraft. Immediately I contacted both companies who both stated that when I made the original purchase that it automatically signed me up for a life time membership! Please note in the original shipment there was absolutley no paperwork stating this and no statement saying when these monthly deductions would occur. I was told to wait untill I received my shipments, box them up and return them and I would be refunded both the charge and the fee I was charged from my bank. I did these things and also sent a letter explaining what I expected the company to do along with a copy of my bank statement proving this overdraft fees. Ok today is 10-3-06 and just today I have received a, get this $1.00 credit to my bank account from the pills company and absolutley nothing from windsor pilates itself! This is absolutley absurd. They can immediately charge your account the same day for your order but it takes a whole month to receive a refund on a product that I did not order. Which by the way I have had 2 other friends of mine call to order the same product in which the phone conversations were recorded and there is absolutely no mentioning of a lifetime membership. So I have all the proof needed to proceed with legal action which I am doing and I am sure I will get far more than my banks overdraft fees returned to me! Everyone please be aware this is a scam and if you do not keep scrupulious records it is hard to get your money back! My best advice: never ever order anything from an infomercial, the products usually show up in a store sooner or later anyway. Once you have given out your credit card or bank info you are basically screwed! Not only do I have to close my bank account now but I still have what I am sure is going to be a very long battle to get my money back!

9/20/2006 - Anonymous writes:
This was the first infomercial product I purchased. Initially I was satisfied with the product. However, Be Cafeful with their Scam!
"Misterious" $46 was charged on my credit card after about a month from my purchase. Later, their customer service told me that I had agreed to sign up for a monthly Winsor Pilates program at the time of my first Winsor Pilate purchase. God! I never did! The customer service person directed me to their website where there was almost "hidden" statement about the monthly program agreement. God! the TV commercial never ever stated one word about that "automatic" agreement! So then I notified them that I wanted to return the monthly program and get a refund of $46. The person told me that I had to wait 6 weeks - their long product delivery time- for that monthly thing to arrive. So I waited, waited, and waited. It never arrived even though almost 2months had passed. I had to called the customer service again - then, finally, I got my money back. God, be careful with their scam, which charged $46 a month for a program which you might have never signed up for ( I mean, you have to be real geek to find that find prints!).

7/3/2006 - Cari writes:
What a scam, the Windsor Pilaties workout! Maury Windsor has many modles showing off how thin they are, claiming that her workout is the best! Lol! These people have personal trainers along with private cooks to feed them a low calorie diet! Maury Windsor herself is about 20 lbs over weight with several rolls on her stomach! THe commercial does not show her in a bikini! Also you cannot just order the ring and workout tape ut a whole bunch of tapes with more being sent every month! Why is this, if all you need according to MS. Windsor, is 20 miniutes a day? Just another way to soak money off of desperate fat people! The ring itself is very cheap and feels like a ggod pull will snap it apart! Dont waste your money on Windsor products! Just go to the department store and purchase a well made ring and included wokout tape included! I found one in [] for 15 dollars, and no strings attached! It just helps break up my regular yoga workout! Yoga is far more effective then pilaties and is an actual ancient art form! Be Well!

6/28/2006 - Lisa writes:
I ordered a tape from the infomercial. I made it clear that I did not want any other tapes--just the one on the ad. I also said I would try one month's supply of vitamins but to not send me any more. Two weeks ago I received more vitamins and yesterday I received another tape! Two more charges to my card that I specifically asked to not have. Now I have to send the products back and hope that my card is adjusted. By the way, I still have to pay shipping even though I did not ask for this product!

5/9/2006 - Jenne writes:
I ordered Windsor Pilates on April 23rd.  I paid for priority/express shipping.  On May 5th I called to inquire on my order.  I was told that my order was "in processing" and it would be shipped out soon.  I asked for the priority/express shipping to be refunded.  I finally received my order on May 8th.  I was billed for the entire amount.  I just finished calling and was told that I was issued a refund of $5.99 but it may take 5 days to show up on my card. On another note, when I ordered they kept trying to push vitamins and magazine subscriptions.  What a scam!

4/3/2006 - Adel writes:
I did not order the vitamins when I ordered the pilates exercise circle and video. Then the next thing I know I'm getting packages of this junk and getting billed $30 a month for thsi stuff. Even after I had canceled they continue to bill my credit card and send me the crap. CC company says best thing to do is cancel the card, another hassle to go through, I will never order any infomercial stuff again. 

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