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Xenadrine Complaints
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6/27/2006 - Gary writes:
Xenadrine doesn't work. I really don't think any of the weight loss pills work. I've tried several. I lost over 85 lbs. before with 'ripped fuel' with ephedrine in it.. ephedrine was some awesome stuff, but i also stayed busy and worked out and ate sensibly. Ephedrine would boost you up like an olympic runner and give ya cold sweats..it was some sort of speed.. my heart rate wouldnt even speed up. tasted like blood in my throat, and scared me.. i would suggest just eating a low calorie diet without any pills besides vitamins. I gained the weight back plus some.. got to fix the psychological reason for gaining weight first..then find some low calorie foods that fit your tastes..and exercize.

Janelle writes:
I also bought Xenadrine to help me lose a little weight. I liked the fact that it was supposed to be ephedrine free. It does not work. Don't even waste your time on the product. I actually bought my bottle for forty dollars. If anything, the company is selling a placebo! 

Tiffany writes:
This weight loss pill claims to be one of the best on the market.  I see it on TV all of the time and I thought I would give it a try.  I am a healthy weight at 130 lbs., yet I wanted to tone up and lose 5 to 10 lbs. for summer.  I took a whole bottle as directed.  At first, if I took the directed amount, it made me jittery and sick-feeling.  Absolutely nothing happened.  My appetite wasn't suppressed, I lost not one pound, and I am now out $30.  I recently tried going to Cytodyne's website to email them a complaint and conveniently their email address is down.  Don't buy Xenadrine, it is a big waste of money and hope.

Paul writes:
Under the advice of a GNC "specialist", I bought some Xenadrine, hoping that it will help me lose the 30lbs I've been wanting to lose. The instructions "recommends" a good diet and some exercise, but of course they won't tell you that it is absolutely necessary. Anyone wanting to lose weight will HAVE to do these things, without fault. Ok, I knew this, so I bought it. As soon as I took the pill, as per instructions, my body kept sending messages that something was wrong. Constant shakes and a rapid beating heart was the order of these pills, as the ephedrine pumps into your bloodstream and forces your heart to do something that maybe it shouldn't be doing. I did notice that it gave me energy for exercise, so I took advantage of it. But then I notice something very bad: I was more tired after the workout then I normally should be. My heart was doing overtime. After a month, I decided to stop taking the ephedrine, and went with the ephedrine-free version of Xenadrine. Useless and expensive. I didn't lose the weight that it promised me. Any weight that I lost was due to my workout and diet and NOT the pill. I now get my energy for exercise in form of an energy bar before a workout, a good amount of water, a multivitamin, and a well balanced diet. Cheaper then a bottle of Xendrine, and more importantly, safer, even with the ephedrine-free version.

Domonique writes:
I saw the infomercial for Xenedrine and I had to have. I went to a GNC store and purchased it for about $50. After the first day using it, my body felt very strange. I felt down, I was very quiet, I could feel my heart beating fast, many of my friends could tell that something was wrong, they said I looked depressed,(which I wasn't). Well I guess you can call me dumb because I continued to use it for another 8 days. I figured my body had to get used to it. The unpleasant feeling which I was experiencing just was not worth weight loss. I do not recommend this product unless you like the feeling of a racing heart and being down in the dumps!

Kathy writes:
When will we all learn,it takes exercise to lose weight not some miracle pill! The only thing this pill did was make me shaky and very moody! It felt like everyone was on my last nerve! It does surprises your appetite, but only until it starts wearing off at night then you feel so hungry you eat anything you can get your hands on!! The only way this pill is going to work is if you keep your body "speeding" on it all day and night so you never want to eat!!! I went down that road to STUPID I know, my family couldn't stand the attitude it gave me and I felt like I was in a constant dream state it wasn't worth the 30 lbs I lost and gained back (rather quickly I might add when you stop taking the pills you have an various appetite)! So my advice is not to take it at all its not worth your health!!

Mike writes:
I also tried both types of Xenadrine - the RFA and then the new EFX which was Ephedrine free.  The RFA made me horribly shaky and I had nasty headaches when I was not taking it regularly.  I had built up a dependancy on it.  It caused me a lot of pain to get off of relying on the drug.  Then I tried EFX and I saw no results whatsoever.  So I was paying about $30 a bottle for absolutely nothing.  That's just my $.02.  I'd stay away if I were anyone out there thinking about trying it.  Just stick with eating right and some normal exercise.

Amanda writes:
About a 4 months ago, I bought Xenadrine Rfa and it made me dropped alot of weight which was great. But then I'm getting these big headaches and the urge to vomit all the time and then at points my heart beats so fast i feel like I'm going to pass out or get a bad heart attack! You could say I'm an idiot for taking them becaus ei thought i needed to adjust to it. Later on, I heard about xenadrine efx and bought it because it was ephedrine free. Then again, I didn't lose no weight what so ever. What a waste of $40 bucks.

Monica writes:
I bought Xenadrine EFX and took it because it was ephadra free- I got headaches and my stomache was nervous-and so was the rest of me. I had to go to the Dr just to get something to settle the bad nerves- and this lasted for days after stopping. I had taken it for about a week.I wrote to the company, who would not give me a refund- I lost no weight and my appetitie stayed the same while taking them-what a rip off!

Temi writes:
I bought Xenadrine like most people who saw the advert and wass mesmerised by it. By the second day, i was depressed, irritable, crying uncontrollably and got i into a fight with someone over something pathetic and almost stabbed her with a knife. I lost no weight, had headaches and my heart kept beating like i had just run a marathon. Never again will i rely on a miracle.

Dave writes:
I took xenedrine efx and rfa , they are the biggest scams on the market today.As a former Army Ranger i know what it is to work out with intensity.I had started the pills at 225 , my weight dropped 5 pounds! thats it. Most of it through dehydration.Just work out hard and don't quit on your self... save your money.

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