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Yoga Booty Ballet Complaints
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1/27/2007 - DeDe writes:
I have the same story as everyone else. In short, on 01/14/07 I saw the infomercial for Yoga Booty Ballet, had only 4 minutes to call to get it at 2 payments of $19.95 plus FREE upgrade to express shipping. Went through an automated service that was quite confusing, and never got a total amount or what I ordered (I only wanted the basic package as advertised on TV). I called the 800-number at the end of the machine, and was told that I had to call the next day because they did NOT have my information yet. I called the next day (01/15) and got the same response. I called the following day (01/16) and got the same response, but was also told that if I gave my email while ordering, I would be sent a confirmation email, and at that time, they would have my order. Later that day, I got the email and called back. Needless to say, they still did not have my order and I was told to call the next day. I called the next day (01/17) and was finally told th my total was $110 (which was twice as much as I thougt) because I ordered the Maximum Results Pkg. I told him that I wanted to cancel my order. I was told that the order had already shipped. I said that that was a bunch of bull because for a company to take 3 days to get my order, there was no way that they could process it package it, and ship it out in one day. He said that it was normal for them to do that. I asked for a tracking number, and he was not able to give me one. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and after a long while of him trying to get me to change my mind, he put me on hold for several minutes. He came back and asked if I wanted to hold longer, and then put me on hold for several more minutes, he came back and said that they were all busy and asked if I could call back. I told him that I could continue to hold, and he told me he had other customers to deal with. So reluctantly, I hung up and immediately called back. The next guy wouldn't give me a supervisor without first trying to help me. He told me that my order was not shipped, but was in the warehouse already packaged, awaiting pick-up from UPS. He also told me the routine for returns, and like someone has already mentioned, it would take about a month, and I would be out about $40 from shipping charges. Finally after much arguing he put me through to a supervisor. The supervisor agreed with the second guys story and gave me a different 800-number who was all supposed upper management. I called and talked to a rep that was lower than a supervisor. However, she was the only one I had spoken to the I could actually understand. She told me the same as before, that it was already in the warehouse awaiting shipment. But she also told me that on the informercial there was another 800-number I could've called and spoke to a live person. Also, that the deal in which I had to call wihtin the next 4 minutes, I could've got at anytime. I was extremely irritated, but I finally gave up....until I got my order. I received the order on 01/24 and opened it to find a receipt. The receipt is dated 01/18, the day after I called and wanted to cancel and was told it was too late because it was in the warehouse awaiting shipment. UPS didn't pick it up until 01/19. I called and talked to another rep on 01/27 and was told that on the 01/17 I was never told that it was in the warehouse, but that the order was processed, which just means it was received. I told her that she was wrong and tht all 4 people I talked to said it was ready for shipment. I told her to pull up the conversations, she said they have protocol to type up what they told the customer, and tey all typed that it was processed, not shipped. I told her to listen to the conversation, and she said she doesn't have access to them, but the other reps wouldn't lie. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but they were all busy (of course), so I just huung up. I just submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau against Beach Body (not Yoga Booty Ballet), and I think everyone should do the same. Beach Body has many different companies (Turbo Jam, for example) but they are the ones that continue to rip people off.

1/25/2007 - Jake writes:
I ordered this product about 2 days ago on 1/23/07, first of all, AUTOMATED MACHINE to place an order, thats dumb.....i pressed correct buttons with which i wanted and thought everything was fine, but NO NO NO i got charged 136.50 for a deluxe package of stuff i didnt even want....they said i have to wait 5-7 business days to recieve the package, then another 5-7 business days to send it back and then 2 weeks to get the cc refunded and only 117 dollars because of shipping or something....i will be sending a letter to the BBB qand calling my credit card company to dispute the charge

1/15/2007 - Nancy writes:
On Saturday 1/13 I tried to order on the 800 number. As everyone else this was very confusing and possible to order things that you do not want. I hung up and called customer service were they assured me that the previous call was incomplete and I would not be charged. I then ordered the basic (2 payments of 19.95). Sunday after I was told by friends at church that this product would be hard for me (60yo) I tried to cancel. I also sent and email. On Monday morning I was told that it was too late and that I would have to receive it and then send back. At this time I called my CC company to dispute. The CC company advised me that I have been charged for both calls over $120. I am going to continue with this dispute.

1/11/2007 - Laurie writes:
I attempted to order the basic program which was about $40. After dealing with a recorded system which was more than 10 minutes long that kept asking me if I wanted to do the "deluxe" version, I was concerned I was being taken. A customer service number was given at the end of the tape so, after hanging up, I called it and cancelled the entire order. I received not only the "basic" program but the "deluxe" program and was billed $65 with an expected second charge to total $110 to come the following month. I returned the entire shipment and was refunded only the basic program--they charged me almost $20 shipping for sending me the basic and deluxe programs!!! When I called (my second call), the customer service rep wouldn't even pass me through to a supervisor!! I have a monthly membership with both Core Rythms and Windsor Pilates and have had no problems with either. Stay away from these guys--they're crooks!

1/11/2007 - Diana writes:
I had the same experience as the other Diana who has posted. I ordered on December 17 and still have no resolution. I was sent products I said "NO" to and was charged for them. The c.s. rep said I'd be charged an additional $45.85 next month, so I canceled my credit card and disputed the extra amount on this month's bill. I am now writing a letter to the fraud control department of my credit card company as well as a letter to Beachbody. In addition, the $20 value "squishy" ball advertised as a freebie for ordering now is half the size shown in the infomercial. It is worth about $3.00.

1/9/2007 - Diana writes:
I called the 800 # early Thurday morning the 4th of January 2007. I wanted to order the Yoga Booty program from Beachbody. I was never allowed to talk to a real person. I placed my order and then the AUTOMATED machine informed me that they WERE GOING to SEND me against my wishes these supplements, etc... that I neither wanted nor ordered. And my credit card would be billed and I would then have to cancel AFTER THE FACT. I have tried since that day to cancel the order. They won't let me so I have gotten tired and called my CC Company and informed them of this FRAUD act and they are helping me. When an individual did come on the little pricks couldn't even speak decent english. I think it's a bad deal anyway when we have to press ONE FOR ENGLISH. I am the TRUE AMERICAN and I HATE this crap. However, in defense of Beachbody it's cheap labor for them and if they use these illiterates they can rip us off easier. I have since talking to my CC company contacted the FCC in regards to this. From now on if I want something I go to the local place here called ACADEMY and check it out from them and then buy it there. If there's a problem they make it right without CC charges. I HATE INFOMERCIALS

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