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Zap 2000 Complaints
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7/23/2006 - Doug writes:
I bought this product at [], and while it never did work as well as the claims it did work better than cleaners, or any type of abrasive cleaner. I would not advise anyone to use soft scrub on a shower or tile anyway cause you will do more harm to the surface than good. Zap is so limited it what it will clean(can't clean metal, you need a special zap for metal), and the 3M brite pad they give you will not even last for the entire bottle, it does however give you the ability to see how acid cleans somethings better. There are a bunch of products on the market now that work as well if not better than ZAP, one being easy off Bam. Almost any lime remover contains acid too, and will clean in a similar manner to ZAP. As with any acid make sure you wear chemical resistant gloves(nitrile gloves work well for this), and eye protection. They don't show all the protecive gear you need to wear in the infomercial, but they are indeed needed, and stressed on the packaging.

Glori writes:
When I first saw this product on TV, I was very amazed and excited.  My bathroom had all the problems that were shown on the infomercial, I said, oh wow, someone actually invented a cleaner with my bathroom in mind.   Well after weeks and months of trying to convince myself that this was not another "scam" I made the fatal call.  I swear by the time that customer service rep was done with me, she probably thought it was xmas.  I spent $60 on a product that was not worth a dime  I must've used 2-3 bottles on one area of my bathroom ending in a poor result, I was very disappointed.  Word must've gotten around though, this product has not been actively displayed on our airwaves, thank God! 

Jason writes:
I bought this product from wal-mart to clean my mildewy bathtub and shower.  The cleaning used the whole bottle, and it seemed like it wasn't any faster than using anything else, and scrubbing wasn't reduced.   Although I finally got the tub clean, I wouldn't waste my money on Zap again.   Upon closer inspection of the contents, it contains diluted sulfuric acid as the main ingredient.  I know that sulfuric acid is battery acid; it's the same stuff that's in the water of car batteries.  Yea baby!  That's a miracle cleaner all right.  Just burn that mildew right off!  :)

Patricia writes:
OHHHH please dont get me started on this product!!!!  Well if you want to clean your bathroom just go to the store and buy some comet because it work 100 times better than this product.  I spent a lot of money on this product and well I know my bathroom wasn't as dirty as the ones on the Infomercials and well can you guess it still doesn't work.  Listen people you can do the same work and LESS scrubbing with plan ol'dish soap!!  Don't be FOOLED!!!!!

Patrick writes:
For starters our housekeeper ordered this, because when you are cleaning a shower used by three kids (2 boys) you want something that is going to work right?  For starters it took forever to arrive and the poor housekeeper had to keep using Soft Scrub (which she likes, but it takes a while to get it to start getting stuff up).  Finally the product arrives and Virginia goes about using the new product as per directions.  She wore vinal gloves as she has a tendancy to get dry hands when handling a lot of water and this stuff ate right through the gloves.   The shower, tub, toilet and sink never looked cleaner, but it also ate the acrilic off her fake nails and it smelled like bad eggs.  It has been back to Soft Scrub ever since.

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