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Zero Odor Complaints
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3/22/2006 - Teresa writes:
I bought some Zero Odor to help with cat urine spots in the house. Seemed to work alright, but not great. Recently both of my dogs got skunked and ran inside through the pet door.  Of course the jumped on my bed. (gee thanks) Stripped the bed and sprayed the bed down and remade the bed. Left window open and turned on small fan.  Still had to constantly respray around the bed all night so I could sleep without gagging.  Odor was especially bad if I turned over from one side to the next. Airing the room out had more long term effect than this product.

1/7/2006 - Anonymous writes:
i got a persian cat so i tried it. covers the smell .several days later.its back ...i steam cleaned the stain. spayed it and its back .i waste of 30.00.i never wanted my money back becauseit does cover the smell for about a day.but ill never buy it again...

12/29/2005 - Terry writes:
This product promised everything and delivered nothing. I tried to contact the company and never got a response. A huge waste of money in fact the smell from my cat litter pan got worse after spraying with this product!

11/11/2005 - Peggy writes:
This product does not work at all and when you try to get your money back, the company is nowhere to be found. Its like using plain old water; a complete waste of money.

10/25/2005 - Lisa writes:
It doesn't work, plain and simple.  Stains lighten a bit, but that's all.  Pet odor comes back.   To me, its pretty useless.  Tried to get my money back and they gave me a hard time.  INsisted on sending me more for free, instead of a refund.  The replacement was as useless as the original bottles.

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