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Zumba Complaints
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Valerie writes:
The Zumba infomercial promised a free trial (plus S&H of course) for 30 days. Great! About twelve days later the tapes arrive (that would be yesterday for me). Ok cool. I have a month to look at them. I check my statement and I have a bill for $30. Hmm, that doesn't even resemble the $6.95 for shipping. I call to see what's happened and they tell me that the computer has read the wrong code and thought the person taking my order said shipping plus 1st payment. Darn those pesky computers. I say that fine, I want a return label because if they are going to "accidentally" bill me, what's to stop them from doing it again?  Then I find out that they expect me to pay another $7 bucks to send the tapes back....that just didn't make any sense to me. The "great deal" of $6.95 to look for 30-days turned into a 1-day viewing that cost me around $50.   But they did say that they would refund my "first payment" erroneous billing. In up to ten days. Did it take them that long to make the mistake?? Of course not, that procedure is set to express service. From what I have seen, the product is just fine. It just irked me that the false advertising of "try them out or you can send them back, no problems!" was totally false for me. Maybe I'm the only one, but I really hate it when companies decide its okay to play god with my checkbook. 

Franci writes:
I ordered the Zumba DVD's on 9/30/02 and was told that the tapes would arrive within ten days. On 10/11/02 I called customer service and they told me my order was just received and and should ship sometime the following week. Which would be more like 15-20 days. The funds were deducted on 10/5 only 6 days after I called so I asked to speak to a supervisor and what I got was attitude was "Maam, you should know how you're check book works, it takes 10 days to process a check." Obviouly, not because the money has been deducuted so I asked if they could please send it out next day air or something of the sort since I was mislead when I ordered the DVD's and it is already pass the time I was quoted. The answer was "No, we will not pay for the extra money to send it to you faster." So, I asked to speak with this person's supervisor but they declined to get on the phone. Which I thought was really bad customer service. I was promised that the DVD's would get to me on the 15th or 16th at the latest. I called the 17th because I still haven't received them and was told that the status of my order is "P" for processing so hopefully they will be sent the 18th and I should get them anywhere from the 21st to the 25th. So much for the "within 10 days" lie. Its more like 25-30 days. I am still waiting...

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