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10/29/2006 - Gail writes: I almost made the mistake that many before have. I try never to order anything by phone...not knowing the safety of that. I went to the computer to find their (Core Rhythms) website. Thankfully it brought me to the infocomercialscams.com first. After reading the complaints I will not be purchasing the DVD's. Thank you for your postings...I know that doesn't help those who have fell victim to the scam. I can only offer encouragement to take all action possible. Our voices can make a difference when it comes to info commercials...they can be stopped!!!

10/29/2006 - Olivia writes: I am so glad I happened upon this site.  I was just about to plunk down $130 for this product (True Ceramic Pro) b/c I thought it would help me fight against dry hair.  I have a 'hot tools professional ceramic' that I purchased at a salon years ago for $60.  It straightens fine and still works to this day, I was just hoping for something to help against dry hair.

10/25/2006 - Jennifer writes: well, thank you all for all of your experiences and input, just so you know someone does care. i was looking for it online to purchase (Core Rhythms) for my sister for christmas this year and now see that i will have to look for a used one instead of going through all of this. thanks so much for the advanced warning, it was not a waste of time.

10/24/2006 - Jeanne writes: I want to thank all of you from saving me from falling into this trap (Core Rhythms)! I was looking on the pc to order and this core rhythm, and this site popped up and I read about all the scamming they do, so THANK YOU ALL!

10/11/2006 - Jason writes: I am very grateful for this site. I actually emailed (Core Rhythms) and said that i am concerned about what has been said. the cust service rep said that it was that people dont read. well i think thats wrong, people do read. so i cut paste some of these neg reviews to her. what is odd there arent many good reiews to back them up

10/10/2006 - Kelley writes: I have all of you to thank, because I had the opportunity to cancel my card and get a new one before they (Core Rhythms) could keep charging me! Because of their own stupidity they could not process my card. I kept calling in to find out WHERE my product was. I was continually told it was on the way, etc. Well, today I call and they tell me my card is declined and that they have kept trying over two weeks and not been able to get it to go through. After berating them for not contacting me about this, I did some research and happened across this website, and thank heavens I did! I called my credit card company and they claim that the charges couldn't go through because the imbeciles were using an incorrect expiration date (I actually ordered online so I had numbers, etc in writing and this just means they can't read, obviously). I beat them to the punch by cancelling my card and getting a new one because I wouldn't put it past them to keep on trying (even though I told them to forget it, I don't even want the product now). So thank you everyone for sharing your horror stories and saving me the aggravation of what you poor people have gone (and are going) through. Would love to see them try to charge me again!

9/30/2006 - Randolph writes: I am just thanking you for having this website. I am a procrastinator and have heard of the John Beck Free and Clear progarm and have seen his informercial for many years. I have always been intrigued. But not until now and on a whem, I decided to look-up John Beck with the SEARCH to tool and thankfully found your site. I am a Zoning inspector and of course this program interest me. I thank the Lord for the information shard on your website.

9/29/2006 - Veda writes: Thank God for you all!  I was just about to pick up the phone and order dual action cleanse today and decided to do some research on the net and found an overwhelming display of dissatisfaction to put it mildly.  Thank you for this forum.

9/28/2006 - Angela writes: We ordered two autocools back in June. It's now October and we still haven't recieved them yet! After reading all of these complaints we decided to cancel our order. Miraculously our credit card hasn't been charged yet. Thanks for the heads up everyone!

9/15/2006 - Ted writes: I guess I was lucky to have come across this site while I am searching for the price of the product (Dual Action Cleanse)! I guess I no longer need to try it out! Thank you very much for all of you to share your story and many thanks to the website!


9/15/2006 - Shanna writes: Hello all, Just want to say that I am sorry you have all had this bad experience with ordering Dalbey's product.   I have seen the infomerical and was curious but decided to do some research first because it sounded to good to be true. I am glad that I came across this website because it has been helpful and "NO" I am not going to order this product.   As for the reader who wanted to know where is this company located I found out phone numbers and address by looking on the Better Business Bureau website.  Click here: [] Hopefully, you can all see this address that I put above and there you will find all the phone numbers of who to call and address to see if those that can still return the product can get a refund.  Oh if you do not see the information for the link above it is in the Denver Better Business Bureau.org type in (303-758-2100) as the phone number when you do the search and there you will find all the compliants and contact information. Again, thank you all for helping me realize this product is not good and I hope that in turn I have been able to help those who want to purchase this product or need a refund. Shanna CA

9/11/2006 - Zach writes: was just watching the program (John Beck Free and Clear) on tv and for a long time i have been interested in buying it and "getting rich quick" (something that i am sadly obsesed with doing) i was just thinking "man i have to call now for the property vault" and with no phone i came online to order and found this site -thank GOD!!- i just wanna say i am so sorry for those of you who have been scamed by thing f****r and i hope he's living in a cardboard box on the side of the road with a rabid racoon next door good luck to you all, destory his empire of dirt

8/20/2006 -  William writes: I lucked out.  I actually viewed the infomercial (John Beck Free & Clear) and did my search before buying.  Thanks to this site I will not be victim to their pray on my finances.  What really baffles me on this website is the fact that with everyones rightful displeasures of these scam artist that no one seems to make mention of the cable companies themselves.  If the cable stations were ethical and moral they would not allow such garbage to be aired on there stations.  Sure I understand for them it is a business but honestly do we as a capitalistic society always have to just look at the bottom line.  We have to believe that the cable execs are fully aware of the infomercials being aired are complete scams but yet we find them on several times a day every day of the week.  Just once I would like to see someone do the right thing as a genuine service the the public rather than just be concerned with the $$.  These so called gurus always state that they are so eager to help others be successful but at what cost are they truly inspired to want to help.  Just once I want to see one of these gurus to come clean and truly offer a service under a non-profit organization and truly deliver a genuine service to help out the public.  We get scammed out of our hard earned savings and are left with bigger headaches and anxiety's.  While these assholes live in their mansions, travel the word and walk FREELY as humans in our society.  Truly, where is Justice.  Next time you get someone asking you for your credit card info or bank info ask the person on the other line for their info.  Tell them you will share yours after they share theirs.  In the middle of their pitch tell them you need to run for an emergency and ask for a direct number you can call them back on.  Toy with them.....make them try really really hard to get you to buy only to say in the end "No Thanks".  I wish all who have been duped a very positive and happy resolve.

7/23/2006 - Debbie writes: I just want to thank you all for taking time to report this scam (Carleton Sheets No Down Payment). I signed on the internet with the intention of ording the 30 day trial offer for 9.95 but accidently stumbled on to this site. Praise God I didn't make the same mistake and i sincerely hope your comments will help to put an end to this guys thievery! Good luck to all of you; don't forget Sheets will reap what he has sewn!

7/19/2006 - Dan writes: A couple nights ago I was sitting around with a cold, absolutely wasted on various mostly useless cold medicines.  That my excuse for ordeing John Becks Free & Clear.  After reading these and MANY other horror stories last night, I was very concerned about the whole possibility of overbilling, ETC. I'm glad to report that I'll be having the last laugh on these criminals.  I placed the order on July 18th, and now on the 20th, I checked with my bank to see if the charge has been submitted.  It hasn't.  I asked them to disable the checkcard number that I used, and to issue a new  number.  They gladly complied.  I was also assured that these crooks will have no recourse with the bank to get at my money.  If they want to get belligerant, they'll have to deal with me personally.  I'm practicing my best "Bzzzzzzzzzz!" sound to buzz then out and hang up if/when they call to harass me about giving them the shaft.  Thanks for the warnings and if anyone else finds themselves in my same boat, and the charge hasn't hit yet, by all means, close out the card number you used and get a new number!

7/16/2006 - Trish writes: Let me say that I was very excited about trying this program (John Beck's Free and Clear) -that's until I decided to research the complaints. I am very glad that you people have come forward to inform other people about the truths of the so-called "free & clear", more like "expensive and confusing"! You have saved me $ that can be put forth to something else. I am truely sorry for those that were scammed, but don't give up on pursuing a law suit.

6/11/2006 - Robbie writes: Scam Bag (aka space bags) -  Because of all of the negitive feedback i will not be purchasing.As everybody states " its a good idea but bad product" Holes in products, inflating within minuets,Inflating in the wrong places after deflating. DONT BUY INTO THE SCAM

6/6/2006 - Jamie writes: I have wanted to try this belt (velform sauna belt) for quite some time.  I just got around to ordering one today...but before I did, I was doing an internet search on it and I found this website.  Thanks to all of you I am not going to purchase one at all. THANK YOU!!!

6/4/2006 - Lynn writes: I am grateful for this site. I saw the infomercial Sunday afternoon and after seeing so many people telling how much money they made, I made the call. When the programmed responder (no live person) asked for my credit card number I realized I didn't know how much the postage and handling would be. I hung up and got on the Internet, thinking I would go to the site advertised on TV (www.JohnBeck.tv) to get more information. However, before doing that I went to Google and typed in: "John Beck" and complaint. WOW! after reading all the complaints here, I will not be making that call to earn thousands of dollars. I can't afford all that free money. Thanks so much to everyone for telling your stories. It has saved me in many, many ways.

5/25/2006 - Sandra writes: I just want to thank all of you for this website. My husband talked to me about this wonderful opportunity to make more money, having a family I was all for it. He ordered the John Beck program on 03/31/06 for 54.45 shipping included.He recieved it the next month. He then has a question about something and called the customer line for answers, they proceeded to tell him that for a low fee he could be a member and have all his questions answered. When he heard for a small monthly fee he refused and hung up never to call again. So while I was checking on my bank account I noticed another 39.95 mistery charge. Low and behold it was the monthly membership charge...I imediatley called the 818-464-1650 number given by my bank. Surpise they were closed but they gave me there web address. And thank god I went on wright away because I found your letters. Needless to say I called my bank and canceled there access and my bank is going to take action, even though I may not ever get my money back. Well again I am deeply sorry for all of you that have lost thousands of dollars to this scam. I just want to know who these people think they are taking money from people who work hard to survive and support a family. My moto is everyone gets theres in the end and even slugs have to survive even if it means stealing from others. I wonder if they would think it would be ok if there mother had this happen to them!!!

5/17/2006 - Alli writes: Thank you to everyone for writing here--i ordered this product one day when I was feeling low.  We are a middle class family just trying to get by and save for the future.  We were looking to buy a new house and thought this system may just help us with that.  I started reading it and was really confused -tried a couple websites that didnt work and then just googled John Beck and found this-I immediately called my credit card co and cancelled my card and disputed these charges-so Thank you to all who just saved me from losing more money!!!

5/17/2006 - Ray writes: I fell for the JB infomercial and gave the automated machine my cc# etc.  I received the package and had cooled off and did not read it.  I was contacted be the Beck person and they assured me that it didn't matter that I had not read it. I talked to the manager but luckily told him it was too late in the day to speak further and I would talk to him the next day (which is tonight)  After dozing off I thought why not google John Beck Scam and see what comes up.  Thank God I did because the negative comments about people loosing huge amounts of money was/is bloodcurdling. This morning I called Mastercard and cancelled the card and a new one with new number is being fedexed to me and will arrive tomorrow.  The $46 charged to my account I accept for my stupidity and I look forward to the Beck salesperson calling me tonight. Beck did ask if I had any other credit cards several times and each time I answered that I did not even though I do.  Thanks for small favors!!!! Anything I can do to help those who have been screwed but whose advise saved me I will do!!!

5/17/2006 - Michael writes: First off, I'd like to thank this site as well as all who took the time to complain. I was so close to purchasing john becks "Line Of BS" you have no Idea! (Note: I lower cased his name purposely because he surely is a "lowly person") The first warning for me was when I couldn't speak with a phone rep to purchase john becks Line Of BS. I've never seen that before, ever! I personally need that, "one on one" when buying something, hence why I don't purchase anything online. Now for the second warning, which for me the first was more then enough! After calling 1-800-314-1258 and saw myself being directed to purchase this BS completely through an automated phone service, I tried pressing zero to speak with a live person several times and finally I was directed to second number. ( 1-888-461-9029 was the second number ) After I called that number the recorded message said to call between 6 AM and 6 PM PST M-F. The problem was, I did call between that time and still couldn't reach a live phone rep! Right there for me it was set in stone that this is a huge line of CRAP! I'll be honest with everyone here. A few times I nearly purchased something similar to john becks BS! But up until now I never fell for it. I was tempted because I'm trying to get back to work now after being out on Workers Compensation for nearly two years. If anyone knows anything about NY Workers Compensation benefits that you make much more working then not! Again, I'd like to thank everyone for making a difference. Also, I'll be praying for everyone who lost out because of money hungry evil people such as john beck as well as all who may fall for his line a BS in the future. (Hopefully he as well as others like him will be stopped!) God Bless

5/14/2006 - Walter writes: thank you for the info. i figured something was up when i saw info mercials (4x made easy) about there product and seminars. i read his book and thought this would be good way to make extra money. this site has opened my eyes. thaks again.

5/7/2006 - Sebastian writes: I saw the commercial on tv for this product (velform sauna belt) and then I went online to find more info about it from the company's website. I saw this site first and clicked on it and am very glad I did!!! I was seriously considering buying this product cuz I thought it would be a good way to burn fat around my tummy while I'd sleep all night. After reading many of the postings on here and everyone's bad experiences with it, it makes me glad that I never pulled out my creditcard to purchase this product. My thanks goes out to all the honest people that replied on this website! We all work hard for our money .. we shouldn't be scammed out of it by informercials that blatantly lie to us in the comfort and security of our own homes! Goes to show you that you can't believe everything you see or hear on tv! Fight the power! Down with false advertising! It pays to check out what real people  have to say about this product rather than hearing it from paid actors on an informercial! PS! You are better off going to the gym and lifting weights and doing cardio and eating right to get the body that you want! It's a lifestyle that you owe to yourself! And you will feel a lot better about it! All you need to do is commit an hour a day, 5 days a week to excercise and cardio. I usually do 30-45 minutes with weights and then an hour of cardio, 5 days a week. I use the eliptical trainer that  looks like a ski/cycle machine. I make it a goal to burn 1000 calories on it in 1 hour. I promise you will see a good difference if you commit to this for a month. Make sure you eat right too! It's a lifestyle and not a quick fix solution. Get with the program! Give yourself the body that you truly deserve! You can do it! You will feel good about it and you will be more fit and healthy too as a result of it!JUST DO IT!!!  Thank You!

4/27/2006 - Dana writes: I just want to thank everyone for saving me a lot of valuable time and money. I thought that this was something that I really wanted (turbo jam) but after listening to you all, I'm glad I didn't get it. I wish the best for all of you and I hope that you get your money back.

4/22/2006 - Lolita writes: It's me again with another update.  I posted on this website Jan. 3rd and Feb. 4th.  I suggest you all do what I did.  I disputed the charges with my bank, the one that had my charge card.  They backed out the charges, credited my account and I also cancelled my card and opened a new one.  This way Igia could not charge me again.  I ordered the 'Free' offer on Nov. 19th before the first rip-off posting was visible on this site (Nov. 28, 2005).  They charged my account over 214.00.  As stated before, if by chance I receive them, I will refuse them.  If UPS leaves them when I'm not home, I will not open them and take them to the nearest UPS store and return them, as refused. I sent my bank the link to this website, so they could see all the other victims of this company and as proof that it was a scam, this really helped my case.  Good luck to all of you in getting your money back.  I wanted to share my story so you could also try the same thing.  A BIG thank you to this site for allowing all these postings.  :)

4/17/2006 - Josee writes: I am writing this to thank all of you that complain. I was interested in the product (propolene) and thanks to everything that i read i have change my mind.So you see,at least some people like me wouldnt fall for it all thank to you.Dont give up, kept on telling your stories and next time do research to. I will to tell on things that happens to me or to my friends if they dont whant to tell or even if they do.Cuz together we are stronger and harder to foul.

4/11/2006 - Lori writes: I was just about to place my order for John Beck's Free & Clear Real Estate System.  I was just about to enter my credit card information on their website form and I stopped.  I decided to do a little research on John Beck and came across this website.  I'm very glad that I did.   I am so sorry to read about all of you who have been scammed by this guy.  I was laid off from my job 3 months ago and thought this was a great way to start making money.  As if not having a job is bad enough, I could've lost what little money I have left to this jerk.  I'll just stick with taking care of my own home and leave the real estate scam to John Beck.

3/25/2006 - Maria writes: thanks God i found this website, i was going to buy that product, thanks girls for posting your opinions , helping others not to robbed.

3/13/2006 - Renee writes: Thanks to this site, I am NOT a victim of the JOHN BECK SCAM!!  I started to order the product for $39.95 but as I was going through the automatic ordering system, I changed my mind!!  I tried to terminate the process but I was unable to do so, as there was no confirmation or acknowledgement prompt as is the case with legitimate companies.  Prior to having my card charged erroneously, I called the bank and CANCELLED THE CARD WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.   While I do have to incur the hassle of reestablishing legitimate bank card debits with a new card, I'm thankful that I don't have to deal with trying to get my money back from this con artist.  Perhaps others, that are reading this board prior to incurring credit charges, can take the action that I did to TERMINATE THE CREDIT CARD BEFORE CHARGES HIT.  That way John Beck's crooks doesn't have access to a card that they can actually charge. Hope this info helps someone in the way that this board has helped me!!

3/13/2006 - Anonymous writes: I was watching an infomercial for this Sheets guy and like I do everything I decided to Google it and found this website all of you need to do something about this.  I can not believe this guy is still allowed on TV. Someone needs to stop this guy.  I just wanted to say thanks for the feedback on Carlten Sheets because of this I will not be purchasing this scam. good luck to all of you.

2/26/2006 - Barb writes: Thankyou.....Thankyou~! I was this close to checking this program out, since I am unable to work outside my home. I thought, phooey, this stuff has to be on the internet somewhere..........Thankyou so much, ya'll helped stop a foolish phone call~! This Beck and Mentoring of America needs to be sued....can you say 'class-action'....as well as arrested for his crimes against against middle and poor America~!

2/11/2006 - Lisa writes: I want to thank you for having this site!  I was in the middle of being scammed with this Jeff Paul System.  I had even given my credit card number to go on to the "next level" and this company would have gotten thousands from me. I read about the scam on here and called my credit card company and they agreed to help me. We got on a three way call with a credit card representative and with the Jeff Paul people, and I told them that I was disputing the charge and wanted to cancel my purchase.  They agreed and I didn't lose the money - whew! (I think it was because the charge was still on a 72 hour hold - so they hadn't gotten the money in their greedy little hands yet.) Thanks for having a site with info to help those of us who are sometimes gullible out here. The system sounds like a great idea but I have a feeling that Jeff Paul's riches come from suckering a bunch of people, rather than having a great product.  Way too many sites have complaints on him.

2/4/2006 - Angelo writes: Thank you everyone! I was about to call and purchase the Power90 program but wanted to check it out online first when I found this website. Thanks to all the complaints I just read, I was saved from being scammed. It's sad that these things happen, but it's all about money I guess. Thanks again to all and especially to this website.


2/3/2006 - Lisa writes: I am so thankful for this forum.   I puchased the initial startup kit (John Beck program) for around $50 bucks. Last night, Jeff, "the Director" phoned me without an appointment and kept me on the phone for nearly 90 minutes.  I had just come home from work, no dinner, and family waiting for me. The man spoke like a machine gun firing psychological tricks and convincing arguments as to why I shouldn't give him $4300 on the spot. I told him I'd consider investing half that much.  He did not sound happy. When I finally told him I needed to sleep on it, he instantly got rude and unprofessional and said "I personally don't care whether you buy the program or not!" His voice also dropped about 7 notches when I stated I needed to discuss it over with my husband before investing a dime. I asked him to call me back today, but will certainly not answer my phone now.   I already sent an email notice to my financial institution to NOT process any additional debits that may come in on my checking or Visa credit card accounts. THANK YOU ALL for taking your time to let us know what happened to you.  I feel really sorry for those of you who lost so much money and trust.  Live and learn!

1/30/2006 - Kristina writes: I just wanted to say thank you for the posts.  I considered purchasing the program (John Beck Free and Clear) while watching the infomercial on 1/30/2006. I called to get the details, they immediately began asking for my information, name address, etc. I declined and was told that the only charge for everything was the initial purchase price of $60.00, I was already skeptical and decided to look online for more insight.  Although there is nothing that I can do to help you get back your monies, perhaps you can take solace in the fact that you have helped to save at least one more person.

1/23/2006 - Joe writes: I was about to call and order John Beck's program and did a quick search on the net(and see it is apparently a big scam)--- I am so happy I found this site!!! Thank you!!

1/19/2006 - Mike writes: Thank you for this great forum.   After seeing the famous infomercial, I typed in John Beck Free and Clear and your forum came up.  Delighted as I read on about how this is a total scam.  This infomercial and claim products of wealth is costing innocent people thousands and thousands of dollars and they are not getting anything back.  I just hope others use the internet to research products and ideas before purchasing them. Words cant describe how glad I am I took the time to do some research. Thank you all.

1/16/2006 - Chris writes: thank god i found this site, i was almost considering ordering it (Carleton Sheets No Money Down), i figure almost all infomercials that sell "products" like that are scams and i guess my hunch was right on the money, but i do find it funny how they said "no check or money order" which means they have your credit card on file and will probley just keep billing it, seems like thats been the case with the majority of people on this board. best of luck in getting your hard earned money back chris

1/10/2006 - Joel writes: After reading all of your reviews, I have decided not to purchase the Sauna Belt. Thanks for providing the truth. Also, i've found that if your simply wrap plastic wrap around your waste you will sweat like crazy... I'm assuming that if sweating is all you really need to do... Save your self some money and wrap saran wrap around your waste!! lol

1/9/2006 - Frances writes: I would like to thank this site for the honesty, and Mr. Leonard, you are a remarkable man.  I very strongly dislike Kevin Trudeau, and did not buy his book, I am so impressed by your website.  I think of you as a hero, you are giving America a voice, and freedom.  You must be a very wonderful human being, thank you so much

1/7/2006 - John writes: I just wantedto thank you -- those who have had thecourage to overcome their humility and share their stories, and the people responsible for this forum. Why? I was about to order the Carlton Sheets No Money Down program, but decided to check it out. "If it sounds too good to be true,it probably is". I did my homework, and am so thankful I did. You have spared me great agony! This site is an effective detuurant to falling for scams like Carlton Sheets' programs. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been scammed. I hope each of you recovers from the financial and emotional dispair you've endured, and that you find the happiness you are seeking and so richly deserve. John Nashville, TN.

1/1/2006 - Faith writes: A huge thanks to all for sharing your experience.  I was searching the website to actually order the vacumn (Lazer storm vac) after seeing the info commercial.  I happened upon this website and read over the reviews.  Thank goodness I read these reviews as I will not order one now..thanks again for sharing...Best of luck in obtaining resolution.  

12/31/2005 - James writes: WOW!  Did some research before ordering the Windstorm, and I'm sure glad that I did!  My thanks to all of you who wrote regarding your experiences.

12/9/2005 - Melanie writes: Thanks for this website.   Was going to order some (Walk Fit) for my son who has foot pain on a daily basis.. All of you saved me from what sounds like a major scam.. Glad I checked them out and glad I found your comments..

11/10/2005 - Chad writes: I just wanted to send a message to you, Justin or the owners who put up this website. Thank You! Because of your site I did not make the same mistake that other people have made.  It's nice to know that there are people out there who care about other people getting ripped off.  Where are all the attorney's who could sue these companies.  But then again what all could you get from them.  Anyway, thanks and keep up the good work. Chad - Columbus, Ohio

11/8/2005 - Ron writes: I was going to order the Bit Shooter --- THREE of them -- as nice presents for needy friends, especially needing a drill, too. After reading your complaints, I have decided to FORGET about that order! GOOD SHOW! Your complaint should draw enough attention so the misrepresenting Bums will come up with the honest alternative result.

11/4/2005 - Natasha writes: I love your website!!!! It is very helpful and hilarious. You saved me a lot of money and nerves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

10/24/2005 - Kenneth writes: Just wanted to thank all of you for your stories. I also was on the border of ordering the free and clear or something for nothing program. I sense a lot of very mad peaple out there at this john beck guy and it has been my expierience to hurt rip off artists where they will feel it.   1 someone with the program has to post it on the internet ( dont worry about being sued this guy runs scared and most of you are trying to find him anyway right????) He took your money and now it is your responsibility to look out for others by making his program unable to turn a profit by making whatever he is selling common knoledge.  this message board is a start but its not hurting him in the wallet enough for him to respond.. so pull out those scanners and put them to good use shut this guy down.

10/24/2005 - Dave writes: Thank you for a superb write up on what I was about to order. You made it clear and concise that it's (Bit Shooter) an ongoing rip-off. Great input and I appreciate it.

10/13/2005 - Kristy writes: I just want to thank everyone posted on this website. I seen the product (John Beck) on tv last night and was thinking of ordering it. I then wondered if it really worked. I decided to look it up online and that's when I found this website. I wish there was something like this out there for every product that state's good  or bad. Thank again for saving me from this horrible product.

9/10/2005 - Sheila writes: I saw John Beck Real Estate System   about 4 times within the last 4 months amd decided to purchase the software after lots of thought and consideration. I saw the informercial this morning and decided to invest in the program, but I thought it would be wise to research for complaints. I'm so glad I did. Thanks to your website and individuals that shared their experience, I was saved. It's sad to say, but we must be cautious and skeptical about offers made on tv, radio, etc. The most important part of the experience is that we learn and not repeat the action. We should always remember buyer beware!!!!

7/13/2005 - Anonymous writes: Hi,  Just wanted to forward a "thank you" to Justin for his scam-exposing site. A real public service.

7/7/2005 - Lisa writes: Thanks so much for all of your feedback.  I am truly sorry that you all were taken advantage of.  Thanks to you,  I will not make the same mistake.  Like you, I was intrigued by the infomercial and almost ordered this program but decided to do some research first. Thanks again for sparing me from the raw ordeal you went through.  If it is any consolation,   maybe you will take some pleasure in knowing you prevented Carlton Sheets from "earning" another $300. Grateful in Pennsylvania, Lisa

6/27/2005 - Mary writes: I found Carlton Sheets infomercials very compelling -- he seems so sincere -- but being a skeptical person, I decided to check him out on the internet before even considering ordering his product. Thank God I did. How enlightning your site is!! Carlton Sheets is obviously running a scam just as I feared he might be. Thank-you for publishing the letters from disatisfied customers. I have faith in the truth of so many letters telling such similar stories. There are many problems with the Internet (like unwanted porn), but your site shows the positive side of the Internet. A decade or two ago, it would have been impossible to find this much information on a scam with just the click of a mouse. Keep up the good work and Thank you again, Mary

Donna writes: I've watched the Power90 infomercial on TV, and was thinking about ordering it online ... I did a google search first and your site popped up.  After reading all of the complaints for the Power90 product(s) ... I will only order [] ... never from Power90 directly.  I've bookmarked your site and will use it often.  :)  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  :)

5/26/2005 - Dave writes: Just wanted to say thanks for your Web site, and thanks to everyone who shared their scam stories about Carleton Sheets. You just saved me a lot of hassle and financial headaches. I'm sorry to hear about all the hardship everyone is dealing with because of this scam. Keep it real.

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