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5/25/2005 - Steve writes: I saw Carlton's Infomercial this morning while getting ready for work. Sounded good - actually - too good to be true, so I did a websearch on Carlton Sheets. Top of the list was infomercialscams.com. After reading the complaints am I glad I didn't call. Talking with some engineers at work this morning and one had a relative who had similar difficulties with Sheets's organization as reported here. I don't know if Sheets or some companies he uses is the problem and I don't really care, but, I consider myself very lucky not to have taken the risk.

5/19/2005 - LeAnn writes: I am so glad I read this first! I watched this informercial last night and was going to order (Natural Cures), but then decided to do a little research on the net first and am I glad I did. I have a limited income and do not need to spend any money on scams! Thanks for speaking up!

5/6/2005 - Sarah writes: I think I speak for everyone when I say THANK YOU!! What a awful scam. I think the worst thing about this course is Carlton Sheets commerical doesn't target wealthy people, but the ones who cherish every dime they have. We then willingly sign up for this scam to try and make a living the "easy" way. He says in the commercial "I was out of work and in serious credit card debit" SURE!! I think Mr. Sheets has it all wrong your suppose to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Not steal from the poor to get rich!!

5/4/2005 - Brandon writes: thanks for listing these complaints i looked it up on the bbb site but i was still going to get it . well thanks for the help.

4/29/2005 - Pete writes: I'm glad I came across this site, i was on my way to call and saw this site.  whew!  I'm glad I didn't buy, looks like one of the biggest scams ever (John Beck).  Thanks Uncle Sam.

4/28/2005 - Damon writes: I saw the infomercial with my wife the other night...we were very impressed and wrote the number down planning on sending the money in the next day.  Then I got up this morning, 4/28/05, and decided to do some checking on the internet...not only did I find out that a lot of the information that he is trying to sell is on the net but I also, thankfully, located this website to read how mr. beck is doing the nation dry...forget that, thanks to all for saving me from making a big mistake and possibly ending up in jail for strangling this pathetic bastard!

4/5/2005 - Christa writes: I'm so thankful I stumbled upon this site!! I was considering buying the Carlton Sheets realestate program but, after reading all the commentaries, I've changed my mind!  Thanks, Christa

4/2/2005 - Anonymous writes: Your reader's comments about the AB Swing were right on target!  Here is a recall notice about that product: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml03/03538.html


3/8/2005 - Teressa writes: Thank you for saving me from my own stupidity, is all I can say.  I was so tempted to tell my boyfriend about this and get him to invest in it, but thanks to your site, that's one headache we won't have to deal with.

2/24/2005 - John writes: I'm turly sorry to all who fell for this scam! I was about oneday away from the samething happening to me.Thank God for people like Justin Leonard!

2/23/2005 - Debbie writes: I heard John's Becks infomercial in the wee hours this morning and decided to check it out on the web.  Well, first I actually went to www.johnbeck.tv.  Well, I was going to order the books for a $39.95 feee, I figured , why not.  As soon as I saw his website is not a secure site, I decided not to put my credit card information on it.   Then I did a search on the web and came up with all this scam business. Glad I did! Sorry for all the people he is taking advantage of.

2/17/2005 - Bridget writes: God Bless all of you! Thank you!! for having the courage and taking the time to keep others from getting ripped off. Thank you for being honest.  God Bless You!!

2/16/2005 - Michael writes: I'm betting you recieve email after email from people who read your website too late to save themselves the hassle they've been victim to as a result of not seeing it in time.  I thought for a change you might like to recieve one from someone who hasn't.  I saw Carlton Sheets infomercial every night for the past week and I've been giving serious consideration to calling the number and getting the course.  I'm in a precarious financial situation right now and I've been looking to get into real estate investing to become self employed.   I do two things when I see an infomercial and have an urge to buy the advertised product.  first, I smash myself in the face 30 or 40 times with a golf club, and if I still have the urge, I do a google search for the name of the person pushing the product.   In this case, a google search of the name "Carlton Sheets" came up with this as the first result, in big red letters "INFOMERCIALSCAMS.COM" I decided right then!  that I wasn't buying the course and now that I've read what your correspondents have to say about it, I'm glad I didn't...  THANK YOU!  Just so you know I'll continue to persue real estate as a career option, but will seek reputable sources for information, for now, that's limited to information freely available on the web.  thank you again.

2/5/2005 - Jon writes: thanks...you just saved my wife and me $$$...we were going to buy the steam shark and then read your review...nice work....

1/29/2005 - Michael writes: Hey ide just like to say thanks for revealing the truth about carlton sheets. I would probably be in the same boat as the rest of these people. I was just wondering if these people could get together and file like a class action law suit??

1/11/2005 - Jayson writes: Hello I have found your website to be very informative and helpful. I am active in fighting against scams and forms of internet fraud.

12/27/2004 - Mac writes: Hello, thank you for your site! I found it in Google search I did on John beck.  You saved me a lot of headache! Good Luck to All and Thanks again for this site being 'there' for the consumer. Mac

12/16/2004 - Stephen writes: TO think, I almost ordered jhonbecks free and clear plan, but instead i found this website. Thanks people, you just saved me from a lot trouble, and hopefully saved others! Thanks again

11/2/2004 - Celia writes: Thank you for you warning of the internet treasure chest, i was going to signup with them, then i said to myself check this out first, thanks a million Celia

10/26/2004 - Rich writes: I just wanted to thank Jusin Leonard and any other people who made this Great web site, Thanks for saving people money. Take care Rich

10/23/2004 - Aletha writes: I was on the way to pick up my phone and order John Beck's Free and Clear Program. I don't know what made me stop by my computer, maybe the too good to be true factor, but I am so glad I did. I needed only to enter beck, free, and clear into the search engine and your's was the first site to come up. I'm sure you are saving 1000's of people and their savings. Thank you.

10/18/2004 - Jill writes: Hello. I an so glad I found your website.  I saw the infomercial on TV the other night, (had never seen entire thing), and thought I might try and call. Oddly, C.S. claims you can buy real estate with NO CASH, NO CREDIT, NO EXPERIENCE.  And yet, in order to call, you MUST be able to provide a Credit Card #.  I guess although it is possible to buy real estate w/o credit, it is not possible to buy the C.S. program without it. Go figure. That struck me as odd, and now I see your site. Whew! Am I glad I didn't call!

9/19/2004 - Arlene writes: My screen name may be abitcrazy, but I am glad I looked at this website before doing anything rash, like ordering the kit.   the old saying, if it seems too good to be true, it is, is appropriate here. All these slimes prey upon people's need for money, the desire to get rich quick, and the false belief that those who are rich want to help you!  they don't!  they would keep it allfor themselves.  I know everyone is angry, and asks how can this scum sleep at night.  Well, easy, I guess. Some people have no soul.  There time will come. thanks for warning me off. I will send good thoughts and requests for justice into the universe for all of you...

8/3/2004 - Vincent writes: Thank you for the info. I was thinking about trying it. Not Now !!!

7/6/2004 - Shelli writes: I just wanted to say thanks for this website.  I was just about to order the Carleton Sheets program, but thought I'd search the web first. I decided against it, and hope other people find this site BEFORE they order.

2/23/2004 - Gallinetti writes: I just wanted to say thank you for having this site I pondered purchasing a get rich quick product then I decided just out of curiosity that I should type in that name and then the word scam and poof your website gave me all the information I needed to feel reassured that I shouldn't waste my money. Thank you so much.

1/26/2004 - Jesse writes: Thank you so much for your informative sight.  My mother bought the intial John Beck real estate package.   I became concerned when she started talking about getting financial backers and how her credit limit would allow her to join in.  I decided to do some checking and thanks to your sight, I'll advise her to cut her losses at the $60 package.  Thanks again, Jesse

1/18/2004 - Rory writes: Thank you for the informercial scams page.  I was considering ordering a product from an infomercial thinking that there has to be a hitch and the testimonials on your site confirmed my suspicians.

1/18/2004 - Chris writes: I was seriousy considering purchasing a real estate program such as John beck's "Free & Clear" until I hit this site.  I wonder if so many people have so many problems with this company why would they be not be shut down. Why would he continue to advertise on reputable television networks, surely they would have some kind of ethic's question if John Beck's organisation received so much bad press. I guess he pays his advertising bill's.  How come a class action suit has not been filed, American's are so good at litigation.

1/4/2004 - Kimberly writes: Hello, love the insite your web site provides.

1/3/2004 - Richard writes: Thanks for a great sight.It is about time someone started going after these con men and scam artists.

12/27/2003 - Nick writes: I saw something about this website when I was watching the news one night and thought it was an excellent idea so I decided to check this site out. Many times while watching TV I've seen stuff and thought, "Wow, that looks cool i'ma gunna buy it", but now because of this site I know that all of it is just a scam. Keep up the great site, exploiting the scams of bullshit products deserves to be seen before these corporate assholes behind these sceems get mo' money.

12/16/2003 - Annett writes: Wow!  I am glad I did my homework.  I too am one of those that nearly purchased John Becks Free & Clear program but with doubts in mind, I searched the internet and found this web site.  I am glad you all are voicing your opions about this, so that others don't fall for the scam.  Thank you much!

12/3/2003 - Steve writes: Next up your site is great, not only is it at times funny but its also a great tool to help people who like to buy into this crap...like my grandparents, and since they just got my old pc ill refer them here and the cycle of infomercial xmas presents will forever stop.....i hope!  Thanks for the great site.

11/28/2003 - Troy writes: I wanted to thank everyone for telling their story about the Free and Clear Program.  All of you have just saved me and my wife from making a bad investment.  I know $60 isn't much of an investment, but I am just naive and gullible enough to fall for $2500 or even the $3700 fee for the real estate business. We have been seeing the infomercial for months and thought it would be a good way to supplement our income.  In fact I just did a Google Search for the Free and Clear web site when I found this site. So thank you all once again, because we never had a clue that it was a scam.

11/15/2003 - Glenn writes: Thank you for your web page about John Beck's free and clear program.  I was thinking about buying this program.   Because I am disabled and need something to do.  With your information I won't be buying his program.  Thank each and everyone of you again for stopping me from making a BIG mistake.  And I wish you all the best of luck in getting your money refunded and your dreams come true.  Thanks Again

10/21/2003 - Randi writes: Great site! I will be using this web site as a resource before I order another product from the Internet or an Infomercial!!!!

9/16/2003 - Tom writes: Well i sure am glad i looked here before i became a victim of Mr SCAMS (John Beck) programs or what is not a program. I even ask the sales person on the phone if there was more to buy after spending the $52.90 and she was like no i dont think so. So i ask her if she had a number i could call to find out and she gave the E-Mail address that everyone says dosent work............... I sure do feel bad for the people who got taken in by this scam did anyone report this to there State's Attorney General as this sounds like Wire Fraud...Mail Fraud...Interstate Commerce Fraud.....Credit Cards = Bank Fraud......and I am sure the gov. can come up with atleast 30 or 40 more charges

9/1/2003 - Lynne writes: All i want to say is I am glad I saw this website and went to Yahoo to see others involved in this, I am still looking for the company Free & Clear with the BBB and have not found it yet, but, I am sure glad that I have NOT ordered the kit or anything. My husband saw it on the TV. and I wanted to do more investigating before we ordered it. Thank you so much for bringing so much to our attention. Now we have our reserves on ordering this, with me unemployed and only a one income family 40.00+ dollars is a little hard to come by, let alone anything beyond this for investments as stated by your other posts.

8/21/2003 - Steve writes: Hi everyone, I wanted to say that I am glad that I came across this site before purchasing John Beck's system and I also thank Mr. Leonard for having this, for I'm sure that there would be alot more people out who would lose their hard earned money. Much Success to all and I hope that you all get your money back! Regards Steve P.S. Don't forget to do your homework befor buying anything on TV! Thank GOD for the internet and Leonard!!

7/28/2003 - Lou writes: Thank you soo much for having this website and everyone writing their stories  t too ALMOST bought the Atkins Answer from Shop America, but will now keep my $$ and save myself the headaches mentioned above!  Boy those people seem soo convincing on TV!  BUYER BEWARE!!

7/25/2003 - Patrick writes: I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that have reported your bad experiences with this system (John Beck Free and Clear). I was very much considering ordering this product and now I will just keep my money and not give them a dime. Without reading your complaints I also would be out the money. Best luck to you all in recovering your money and thanks again.

7/22/2003 - Donna writes: I'm just now finding your website.   I wish I'd known you were there before I bought Pest Offense!  I DID read and follow the instructions and put it in the area where I had roaches (kitchen). And it did indeed seem to ATTRACT the critters!  I finally mailed the thing back to its maker (certified, return receipt requested) with the roach droppings attached to it.   Except for the green return card, I never DID hear back from the manufacturer.   It was indeed, as others have said,  an expensive nightlight.

7/21/2003 - Catrena writes: I am so glad I read everyone message about this john beck realestate book. I was going to buy this crap.. I just been laid off and looking for an homebased business something I can enjoy.. thanks  for the tip.. God Bless..hope everyone get there money back

7/20/2003 - BJ writes: Thanks to all for sharing the horror stories - glad I read them before I would have ordered!

7/2/2003 - Zel writes: CARLTON SHEETS No Money down...for now! I stumbled upon the reviews after receiving my product in the mail. THANK YOU! I quickly cancelled my account...

6/26/2003 - Donna writes: To Whom It may concern: I ordered the Atkins Answer Program, just like the rest of you. I am a 61 year old woman who runs her own business, and should know better. I have been on at least 100 weight programs in my life, including Atkins, and yet I STILL fell for the scam. I now want to cancel my order. (I sent a check only for the $41.90). It has been 2 weeks since I sent it, so guess it is too soon to know if I will receive it or not, but I will send it right back when I get it. If I don't receive my money back with satisfaction, I will file a compaint with the BBB and also the Attorney General's office in New York State. Thanks for all of your input. You really opened my eyes. Thanks also for whoever started this website. At least we have a place to come together and vent our feelings.

6/17/2003 - Robert writes: thanks for your web site i just read all this stuff and what a scam with this guy..john beck thanks

6/11/2003 - Matt writes: Justin, Thanks to your website, I avoided getting Jim Rosen's classifieds system right away.  Instead, I emailed him at his site and asked how HE would insure quicker delay.  I DID, about a year ago, purchase Don Lapre's Classifieds system and was "switched" to buying a block of 800 #'s...I passed! I can't thank you enuff!! Matt

6/1/2003 - George writes: Thanks for the site I will use it from now on before ordering on the Inet.

5/1/2003 - Lori writes: Thank you so much for your site.   I was looking for the Shop America for the Atkins diet and found your site.  I am sorry so many people had to go through what they have but thanks for speaking up you just saved one more person from your hell.

4/19/2003 - Gregory writes: This site has definetly helped me and others not to get sucked into such scams.  Thank you!!!!!!

3/19/2003 - Jill writes: Thank you for your website...it has been a great help!

3/13/2003 - A. Hannah writes: I did a search under 'Flexi Hose' to see if it might be better than the "Flat Hose" I  just bought. Thanks to your site, I won't buy that piece of junk either. Thanks for giving scammed consumers a voice.

3/2/2003 - Evaristo writes: I LOVE this web site, it is "the best I have ever seen in my entire life". I've been web serfing since 96 and let me tell you that this web site is a real deal! Thanks infomercials.com for being there when I needed you :).

2/25/2003 - Shawn writes: I just wanted to thank you for making this site =)...you saved me a lot of time, money and aggravation. Thank you

2/13/2003 - George writes: all I want to say is thanks

1/11/2003 - Anonymous writes: Thank You for the reports that everyone is makng. By making your reports, help me not to lose my money. I'm sorry about your money but you did help someone.

1/10/2003 - Amy writes: I just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL for your reports I was going to order and by mistake I found and read all the complaints. I to have been scamed but it was through, "Peoples Credit First." I sure wish there was more we could do. But net working like this has helped me.

12/8/2002 - Patricia writes: I was almost going to buy the "slim down solution", but your information saved me from spending the money for nothing!  :)


10/20/2002 - Melinda writes: Just came across your site and wanted to say terrific job and keep up the great work, this is just what consumers need to stay informed!  :O)  Thanks!

10/17/2002 - Jane writes: thanks so much for this site - so many people are taken in by infomercials it's nice to know that you can come to your site first to see if the product is worth buying.........keep up the good work!!!

10/12/2002 - Kim writes: I am visiting this scam sight as a preventative measure for several products that I have considered purchasing.  And I am truly thankful for all of you that have spoken up as a warning to others.  I was really interested in ordering the John Beck course.  But now I see that the his infomercial fraud is an awesome way for him to get rich.  I'll be praying for you all who have fallen victim.

8/26/2002 - Lisa writes: I just want to thank you so much for having this site.  You helped stop me from making the biggest purchase mistake of my life.  I was actually online looking to purchase the epil-stop and spray and stumbled on your site by accident. Thank God or else I would have been one of the many poor people on your site who were cheated out of their hard earned money.  Keep up the good work.   Thank you so much.

8/17/2002 - Anonymous writes: good site.

7/26/2002 - Daniel writes: Just wanted to let you know that you have a very informative website.  I know I will be passing the word along to people I know to check this website out before purchasing anything from television or magazines that promise results.  At least people can look up the product to see if there is any negative information regarding it prior to purchase. Thanks for your wonderful service,

5/12/2002 - Ruth writes: Thank you so much for your website. I had been thinking of purchasing an "Ab Energizer" product........but after seeing all the complaints that were posted regarding these products - and the unbelievable nightmares that so many have had to deal with - I THANK YOU for helping me from becoming another victim.

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